The Last Frontier

The E-book entitled The Last Frontier incorporates all the relevant chemistry relating to wellness and performance. Although originally reflecting the mind-body PNI dynamic, the chemistry now encompasses far more influences of mind states on body wellness and performance. The book is written in a simplified form specifically for the lay (non-medical) individual.

At the heart of the NeuroSurge program is the Triangles Model© - this is the gateway to accessing resourceful mind-states and accompanying chemistry. This model is comprehensively reviewed. Once fully defined, the principles of effective intervention are then introduced which serves to empower the individual to achieve the optimal level of wellness and performance.


  1. An Overview of the Text
  2. Principles of Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI)
  3. Derivation of the Triangles Model
  4. The Verve Application of the Triangles Model
  5. Principles of Intervention
  6. An approach to Wellness
  7. The Triangles Model: Diagnostics
  8. The Corporate Verve Application

Engaging the Neural Matrix

Ongoing research in the spheres of neuro-psychology and psychoneuroendocrinology have added significant amounts of new information to our knowledge base. This has greatly increased our understanding of consciousness and its influences. As a result, it became obvious that an upgrade was required for the previous publication, The Last Frontier. This text represents therefore the incorporation of the newer information into the previous concepts thus giving rise to a more integrated study of consciousness.

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